A Journal
This is a blog by Frans Jacobi. It is inspired by Brandon Labelles’s idea#345.782: ”Keep a journal where every entry is made on flights (daydreams spinning out of control at 30.000 feet feet above that vast ocean below – fear of flying , heartracing, those beautiful mountains like a sea of rippling geology)”. idea#345.782 was proposed in a text by Brandon in the first issue of The International Pear Revue (2014, Bergen, KHiB Artistic Research Group KU2). This blog is an attempt at continuing the discourses initiated in that issue.

All texts and entries are written up here – in the skies. In flight between here and there. Some text are versions of other texts, produced as part of the art and teaching practices of Frans Jacobi. Other references to these practices will be posted as well.

On the third flight DY0968 18SEP 20:10 BGO-CPH Jacobi forgot his computer on the plane. It took him more than 3 weeks to get it back. This caused a delay in the process of establishing this blog, which means that the first entries will be uploaded in a sequence, detached from the rhythm of the flights where they were written.

Frans Jacobi
Visual artist (b. 1960). Lives and works in Copenhagen and Bergen. Jacobi works with performance, text and images. His performances and installations are often large scale scenarios with multiple participants adressing a range of political and societal issues. Using a kind of urgent aesthetics the temporality and presence becomes a point in itself.

Jacobi is professor in timebased media / performance at KHiB, Bergen Academy of Art & Design since 2012. He completed his phd ‘Aesthetics of Resitance’ at Malmö Art Academy/Lunds University in 2012.

The International Pear Review
Through discussions over the last few years on the topic of artistic research, and the restructuring of the art department at KHiB, it has been necessary to consider the following questions:

How we can examine the term ´research´ in order to create a more common understanding of it, and how to determine its validity when transported from its origin (scientific field) to the field of activities labelled “contemporary art”.

The newspaper International Pear Review has developed as a collective project amongst the KU group led by Annette Kierulf, as a platform for reflecting upon these and other main questions central to artistic research, and how its being articulated within the Norwegian context, and exploring what types of vocabulary and expressions might be formulated in the presentation of artistic research today. The newspaper acts as both a space for critical reflection and for the presentation of artistic research projects and findings.




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