DY968 20MAR 20:30 BGO CPH


4 days spend in the company of poet CAConrad; 4 days of odd rituals and automatic writing; laments of harsh political realities, laments of war, laments of killing.

A (Soma)tic Ritual is meant to give you extreme presence. To tear away the daily routines, to tear away pre-programmed perception, to avoid rational norms of language. A (Soma)tic Ritual has to be really odd. So odd, that your conception of being is re-opened and you are present. Extremely present.



Each morning CAConrad goes to the internet and traces how many killings that has been done in the ongoing 7 wars of the US. CAConrad haven’t cut his hair since the US began the war in Afghanistan, the first of the 7-war-cycle, still murdering endless amounts of civilians in large parts of the world. Every morning he sits there, touching his longer and longer hair, lamenting the unknown dead. Afterwards notes; fast automatic notes for future poems.

As CAConrad is traversing the US by car he parks and sleeps in WallMart parking-lots. In the morning, he rolls out a blanket on the asphalt, lies down surrounded by small loudspeakers, playing the voices and sounds of extinct animals for half an hour. Afterwards he walks into the WallMart Store and starts a slow walk, spiralling from the perimeter into the center of the super market. Here he kneels down and takes fast notes for future poems for 5 minutes.

Writing as fast as you can is imperative. By writing even faster you get ahead of the inner editor; the inner control. Each time you are caught in a loop or your impulses freeze, just write faster.



CAConrad is a slow walker. Slowly we walk through the streets of Bergen. We see things I never saw before, even though I have walked these streets for the last five years. The favorite place is an odd corner of the harbor, where lots of starfish gather in the dirty water. Each day we check on their conjuration. Somehow, they seem to get plenty.


The title of the first talk and the workshop is


The title of the second talk is


Both talks end with a credo: Creativity is more important than ever. Creativity is our only weapon against the dark forces now gathering strength.

After the first reading we spend the afternoon upstairs on the 8thfloor, sitting in a circle, reading Dante’s Divine Comedy, Heaven. As it opens:

The glory of Him who moveth everything
Doth penetrate the universe, and shine
In one part more and in another less.



allegiance |əˈlējəns| noun

loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause: those wishing to receive citizenship must swear allegiance to the republic | a complex pattern of cross-party allegiances.


lament |ləˈment| noun

a passionate expression of grief or sorrow: his mother’s night-long laments for his father | a song full of lament and sorrow.• a song, piece of music, or poem expressing sorrow.• an expression of regret or disappointment; a complaint: there were constant laments about the conditions of employment.




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