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Yesterday I was biking through the rainy streets of Bergen. There is a certain dark grey monochrome that covers everything on such days. Like the whole city is immersed in a dark grey rain. Biking up a steep street, staring down into the wet cobblestones, trying to steer clear of the tram-tracks. All of a sudden something appears, a fast glimpse of the unexpected. Through the wet greyness a flourscent green tennisball comes rolling down the tram-track. It appears out of nowhere and rolls past me . I look up, trying to locate the person who threw it there, but there is no-one. I turn and its gone.

The day before, freethought-member Louis Moreno, spoke in Bergen about ’the miracoulous’ as a neo-liberal tool for mediating the re-animation of certain stretches of London city-scapes into luxerious zones of neo-bohemian real-estate. In these zones art & culture creates an infrastructural foundation for paradigmatic shifts in the possibilities of access into this new smart city. Creativity and wealth are combined into new standarts for inclusion/exclusion into/from these new hybrids of smart living, where even the buildings themselves feature a miracoulous creativity:

OneHydePark will have the power to change the perception of what defines luxury.

In his lecture Moreno called for anti-capitalist – even revolutionary – infrastructures. To reclaim the city, means creating resistant infrastructures, that can support an opposing use of the city. To counter the neo-liberal expulsion by re-imagining the city as a place of social inclusion. Or to be even bolder, to re-animate an autonomous city.

Where did my flourcent tennis-ball come from? From which of these opposing miracoulos realms did it appear?

Freethought Seminar #2 :
The Spectres of Infrastructure: active bodies, haunted cities and dancing tables
Led by Nora Sternfeld and Louis Moreno of freethought
Thursday 19 March 2015, Litteraturhuset: Bergen, A Bergen Assembly event.

Candy & Candy Ad for OneHydePark Appartments:


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