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Yesterday was the the day of the killing-spree at Charlie Hebdoe in Paris. I spend most of today in transit, reading newspapers about it. Horrifying. Its a fucking paradox. By their act the terrorists are on the front pages of every newspaper and in the headlines of every news-channel globally. Its an act of extreme effectivity, media-wise. How to think about this? I guess I will just go a month back in these blog-texts and quote my own text on Julie Kristeva:

In a (…) horrifying line of thought Kristeva identified contemporary strands of fundamentalist terror as an adolescent ’need to believe’. A need that finds no revelation in secular post-post-modernity – in showbiz-society, as she termed contemporary hyper-capitalism. This unfullfilled need is hijacked by a violent malady of idealism, that turns the perpetual adolescent into a fundamentalist aggressor performing an apocalyptical masculinity.

Kristeva argued for an understanding of i.e. Islamic State as a malignant evil, a radical combination of nihilism and believing. It is to be taken seriously, not as medieval nostalgia, but as a hysterical consequence of contemporary ideality syndromes. If the immanent urge for identity can’t be fullfilled, nor handled by western showbiz-culture, the adolescent will turn to the new ’gangsters’ of fundamentalism, to the extreme nihilist believe-systems of fundamentalism.

If we are thus to understand the fundamentalist terrorist, not as a warrior of an enemy-system outside of western culture – as most comments today in the newspapers and in social media seems to do – but as an abject product of global show-biz capitalism; how can we then understand and react to the horrifying events yesterday in Paris?

Here went the regular progression. From now on this blog will zap back and forth between text written urgently as this one, and the older post written some time ago.


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