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First everything is completely dark. Then an enormous wave of noise. Somehow you can sense that we are now in a fog of smoke. The sound and the smoke envelopes us. After a long while there is a faint light shimmering thru the fog and as the waves of sound weakens there are voices, murmurs, and some kind of drum beat. We are now back in time. Millions of years back. A woman in blue rope starts to light up candles placing them on floor. There is a huge lump of clay. Two other persons in the same blue robes. Chanting. Beating a simple drum. Some kind of rituals unfolds; clay, hands, faces, cloth, candles, murmurs, chanting. Its never wild, but strange, calm and soothing.

Before this performance by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Jacob Kirkegaard and Mihret Kebede a public sculpture is unveiled in front of Nikolaj Kunsthal. In the speeches we are told that the sculpture is a portrait of Lucy, the oldest human being being we know of. Her skeleton was found in Ethiopia and is estimated to be 3 million years old. When the performance starts we somehow sense that now we are brought back to Lucy and her time on earth.

The first human being we know of was a woman. Lilibeth uses this fact to establish a female history of mankind. The performance is simple and calm, but the scope is enormous. This is the beginning of the human world. As a male I don’ t feel any kind of aggression or threat in these claims – just that soothing calm. Lilibeth, Jacob and Mihret takes possesion of this space, takes possesion of that very first moment in time. And its okay, no problem. This is where we all come from. Lucy is the mother of us all.

Or as another danish artist Kirsten Justensen said in her unveiling-speech: Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds.


Performance Bemejemaria (23.10.2014)
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Jacob Kirkegaard and Mihret Kebede
Kunsthal Nikolaj, Copenhagen


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