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Hobo Nation
In Brandon Labelles exhibition Imaginary Republic the figure of the hobo is lifted from the oblivion of consumer culture. In my 1970ties youth this figure, the rambling vagabond, the homeless outsider, was percieved as a seer with deeper understanding of life in all its troublesome appearances. Nowadays, he is just a looser. A lost soul, dazed and confused. In Brandons work the hobo re-appears as a kind of political guide. He is the one with the ragged hope – the ragged glory – the one who still manages to dream of something else: A way out of neoliberal despair. That other place are given many names: Daydream Nation, A Thousand Plateaus, Imaginary Republic, Hobo Nation, etc. etc.

This is the stuff dreams are made of.

rehearse3Brandon LaBelle: Imaginary Republic

nomade-544f54ab7e74b-inputBrandon LaBelle: Hobo Nation

In the newspaper I am reading about Rojava; a liberated area at the northern stretches of Syria. A secular multi-racial, multicultural democracy with equal rights for all religions, equal rights for women, a constitution for all. Abandonned by the syrian dictatorship and not yet taken over by Islamic State. Rojava exists – there in between the most horrible of horrible developments.

This is the stuff dreams are made of.

10675591_1547682312138524_3505586914790498506_n#Rojava November 25: The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Brandon LaBelle: The Imaginary Republic
VOLT: Sandviksboder 78B, 5035 Bergen
26. – 28. september 2014


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