DY0962 27SEP 07:00 BGO-CPH


Sunlit haze over coastal regions. Half awake. Feeling the ghost limp of my lost computer. The antropocene. The great acceleration.

The two political postions of Rita Marhaugs ‘Norwegian Liquid’
1: Rita sinking into a bath-tub filled by oil. The sticky black liquid covering her entire body. Her eye gazing out thru a black film of oil. How the oil traces the lines og her body. The bath-tub is placed on a Lofoten coast. The mighty landscape staging her act. Rita takes the position of an oil-drenged bird. Sea-animal. The act is a silent cry on behalf af these animals. Victimised. By forces greater than us. Corporate identities. They are to blame.

Rita Marhaug: ”Norwegain Liquid” outdoor performance Aug-12 2012, Photo © Emilie.

2: Rita in a luxurious fur coat, with expensive dark hair. Taking the floor in her high-heeled shoes. Standing still in front of the audience. All of a sudden she is pissing black oil. The dark liquid creating a small pool on the floor. Shock and beauty. The problem is within her. The oil is inside her body. Inside our bodies. We are the problem ourselves. How to act on that, where to go from this position? We are to blame. We are the coporate body that produces this disaster.

Rita Marhaug: ”Norwegain Liquid” performance 23.januar 2013, Stiftelsen 3,14 Bergen

Mark Lombardi
American artist 1954-2001. Intricate mapping of financial interest, business connections and power relations. How to draw society? Cooporate connections and relations. These are also images of collective bodies. Bodies of financial interest. Collective webs of power. The hidden operations and the secret communities of interest and investment.

Mark Lombardi: “George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens, ca 1979–90″ 1999

Mark Lombardi: “George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens, ca 1979–90″ 1999 (detail)

Can we use this coming two seasons to create a collective hommage to Lombardi by mapping out our collective research into norwegian oil and business interest? Norwegian and global oil and finance.


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